Eco Threads™ Yoga Leg Warmers

Eco Threads is dedicated to providing unique, artistic, earth friendly and handmade leg warmers to the yoga community. We use only recycled fabric and environmentally responsible materials to minimize our carbon footprint. To further support the community, Eco Threads works with local artists, who design and sew the leg warmers in their own homes.

While our process is green, we are focused on providing excellent handmade products that truly serve our clients. These leg warmers are a cute, charming and versatile accessory that compliment any style. They can be practiced in, worn over or under yoga clothes or used to simply stay warm on the way to and from the yoga studio. Leg warmers are a complimentary accent to skirts, easy to wear under boots, with sandals and are perfect barefoot.


The fabric is 100% re-used, recycled or reclaimed. The material we use is primarily cotton, but occasionally we will find a soft lambswool or merino wool. If wool is used, it will be stated in the description of the leg warmer. The upper hem is elastic for improved comfort and fit. The bottom hem gently flowers over the foot, each having their own unique flare. The needle felted leg warmers are artistic and expressive, with sweet flowers or the symbol of "Om"  hand-felted into one of the leg warmers using the highest quality wool batting. Because our leg warmers are hand-made with reclaimed materials, no two are the same - yours will truly be yours!

Eco Threads supports the artist, the community, and the earth by using sustainable, respectful business practices.

Artistic - These handmade leg warmers are fun to wear with or over yoga clothing. They can also be worn with skirts, sandals, boots and barefoot.

Comfortable - Stay warm in winter weather, cool fall nights and early spring mornings.

Simple - They slide on and off with ease.

Unique - Each is handmade so no two are the same - yours will be truly yours.

Earth friendly - 100% recycled fabric.


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